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What is iGiftWine? - "The InterFlora of Wine"

iGiftWine offers a simple solution to a difficult task! We specialise in sending a premium gift wrapped bottle of wine or champagne with a personal touch.  At iGiftWine we have a fabulous selection of wines including; red, white, sparkling wine and champagne to cover all occasions and tastes.

Our prices are fully inclusive of:  wrapping,  packaging,  small magnet,  gift card and standard postal delivery within Australia.  

The gift card includes a personal message (up to 350 characters), which is written on the right hand side of the card. On the left hand side of the card you can choose a standard greeting option such as, “Happy Birthday”, or “Congratulations”, for example.  Alternatively, the iGiftWine app, provides the option to upload a personal photo or company logo from your photo library. This option further personalises your gift.  

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If required, express delivery is available at an additional charge.


Simple to use – 5 easy steps

To start, just register and accept term and conditions (you must be over 18 to purchase alcohol), then start gifting!


1) Select your wine by either type (red, white, sparkling, champagne) or price. 

We have recommended wines that we know will match certain occasions.

2) Choose your design of packaging: Either - Black card, White card or Christmas design. 

3) Type your message that will be printed on the right hand side (up to 350 characters in length).  

A preview screen is available for you to check your card design.

4) Fill in the receivers details including, address and delivery instructions.

5) Pay through our secure payment system.


For extra options of choosing card design or uploading image / logo then download the App (iOS and Android)

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Who are we?

Jim and Karen Coe are wine producers based in Southern NSW.  With friends and family spread across Australia and overseas, we were constantly searching for gifts to cover all occasions. It can be challenging to find a gift that is beautifully presented and yet still maintains a personal touch. Having owned a vineyard for many years, we realized that a beautiful bottle of wine is a fabulous gift and is always appreciated, so...we combined the two and iGiftWine was created!

At iGiftWine we love the idea of creating a company that partakes in the act of giving.

We also happen to believe that a glass of wine (contains the antioxidant resveratrol) is actually good for you!

Our Values

At iGiftWine, we believe the act of giving is an essential part of life. Remembering others. Acknowledging kindness. Expressing gratitude, friendship and love.

With these values in mind, we’ve taken great care to ensure your wine is presented and delivered with all the care and thought with which this gift is intended.

We honour and respect the act of giving because we also believe that good creates more good. That’s why a percentage of every sale at iGiftWine will be donated to charity supporting children in need.

So while you enjoy your gift of wine, you can also know it has helped bring a little kindness to the lives of others.

Find out more about our chosen charity support


OUR UNIQUE DIFFERENCE:    What makes us different from the pack?


At iGiftWine We have two distinctive features that separate us from the pack:

 1. Our first unique difference is that we are passionate about wine and its journey from the paddock (vine) to the palate. Not only do we love drinking wine but we are also producers and we understand the industry. At iGiftWine, we appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a beautiful bottle of wine, and it is important to us that we provide a range of products that reflect quality and consistency and that will also be suitable for each and every occasion. We have personally hand selected our wines and champagnes with the hope and knowledge that the recipient of your gift, will be thrilled with every drop!

 2. Secondly, having spent our lives geographically separated from family and friends, we understand how difficult it can be to firstly find the prefect gift, and secondly to organize the packaging and postage. To be honest, we have encountered all the pitfalls – including:

·      Sorry we don’t giftwrap.

·      The postage costs more than the gift!

·      The postage was not included until check out…ouch!

·      The gift is just not what you thought it was!

·      The packaging is awful.

·      The gift card is disappointing, etc.

To combat this, iGiftWine can ensure consistency with packaging and presentation. 

We provide the option to: 


Write your personal message and select from a range of greeting messages; e.g. Happy Birthday or Congratulations 


Premium flexibility - personalise each gift with the choice to both write a message and upload a photograph or company logo (or alternatively choose a greeting message such as; Congratulations, Happy Birthday or Thank you).

Both App and Website pricing quoted includes postage…so no nasty surprises at the checkout!

As mentioned earlier – we know wine, we will only list wines that have been tried and tested for quality, consistency and fabulous taste.

Our external packaging is bold and fun! The recipient will be thrilled when the distinctive iGiftWine box arrives at their door (and the unboxing experience is a pleasure!)

So – get the feel good factor…start giving and remember at iGiftWine good creates more good!


iGiftWine   it's good to give...


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